Is a Doberman a good choice for me?

Big Dog | October 25th, 2010

I would say yes, if you would like to have a very devoted companion by your side that can even protect you in danger. Dobermans can be excellent guard dogs as well as they are fearless and suspicious with all strangers who may harm their beloved family. Early socialization is required for them; otherwise they may not get on well with other dogs. Only older children are advised around this breed.

The coat of the Doberman is short, coarse and thick; they are average shedders, so at least weekly brushing is advised. Dental hygiene is very important for the breed, as they tend to lose teeth in case of improper care. Dobermans are slightly prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, heart disorders or bloat.

Training of this breed is easy, but they can be dominant, so a heavy-handed, yet consistent, calm and rewarding trainer is the best for them. Obedience training is a must to prevent the dog from being aggressive later. They can be also very good in tracking, police work or therapy dogs.

All in all I would advise this breed to people who will have enough time to care for this intelligent dog and will be able to provide them daily exercise – like walking and playing – as well as a small yard for activities.

I hope that this short introduction about the Doberman will be helpful for you to decide whether this is the right breed for you.

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2 Responses to “Is a Doberman a good choice for me?”

  1. My son and my nephew have something to say about your post:

    Paul:I have a doberman and you are right! They are loving,Playful, and inteligent. They also protect the people they love. People who dont like dobermans, sleep with your eyes open!:)

    Sam:my cousin is right and so are you.dobermans are intelligent and loving,not vicious.

    Thanks for the blog.

  2. I have a doberman. I agreed with the post in the past. It is still true that dobermans are very loving and protective of their family. But breeders have bread them for looks and they are no longer as smart as they used to be. Most of them are very very hard to house break. In fact they are nearly imposible to house break. If you can watch them every minute and get them outside when you see them looking for a place to go they are fine but don\\\’t expect them to ever be totally housebroken and ask to go out like they did in the past. I still love my doberman very much but it can be a problem at times.

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