How to potty train a Doberman?

D Dog Fan | February 3rd, 2011

Potty training a Doberman can take a long time and cause a lot of pain for both dog and owner if not done correctly. Sharda Baker’s ebook and audio package, ‘The Complete 7 Day Dog Potty Training Guide‘ teaches you how to potty train any dog in just seven days. Baker’s comprehensive approach is based on her real life experience and also deals with adult dogs, rescue shelter dogs, which other similar products tend to miss.

  • Effective and ineffective training methods compared
  • The best time to start training
  • List of best equipment and supplies
  • How to clean soiled areas in no time
  • Training older dogs
  • Handle common potty training problems
  • Potty train a new puppy
  • How to use potty pads
  • Crate training
  • How to train dogs from rescue shelters
  • What to do about marking
  • Litter box training
  • Effective paper training
  • Leaving your dog home alone.

The package also includes free bonuses, like the Vet Health Tips Audio Interview dealing with all aspects of dog care and 101 Homemade Dog Recipes to help you feed your dog in a healthy, convenient and economic way. The book comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

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Must read ebook for free

D Dog Fan | November 10th, 2010

my-first-best-friend-ebookIf you had a dog when you were a child, you will want your own children to experience the same positive feelings and you will get your children a dog. If you did not, you just have to read My First Best Friend to find out what an amazing thing a dog can be in a child’s life. Not only does a dog teach children responsibility, but it also helps them develop a healthy personality and a balanced emotional life.

However, bringing a dog into the family is not always a smart thing to do. You need to make sure that both the children and the adult members of the family are ready for a furry friend, otherwise someone is likely to get disappointed over time. You also need to make sure that you are selecting the right breed and you are treating your dog in a way that guarantees your children’s safety.

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5 Things You Should Know About Doberman

Big Dog | November 30th, 2011

DobermanDoberman was developed by a tax collector named Louis Dobermann, his intentions in creating this particular breed was to have a dog that will guard him to against the thieves for he carries monies all the time so he really needed protection. In order to come up with a smart and reliable guard dog that he desires, he crossed shorthaired shepherd dogs with several breeds such as terriers in black and tan colors, Rottweilers and German Pinscher. It is also believed that sleek dogs like Weimaraners and Greyhounds also played a role in the development of Doberman. Before hand, he produced dogs of a divergent type -Doberman Pinschers was the first and became famous as they were show cast at a dog show in 1897 in Erfurt, Germany. In 1900, the breed got an official recognition and was regarded as a German breed.

In the short span of 8 years, the American Kennel Club acknowledged and registers its first Doberman in 1908 but the Doberman Pinscher Club of America was only formed in 1921. This breed of dog was able to pave its way to popularity and was regarded as a police and military dogs throughout its history.

United States Marine Corp utilized Dobermans during the World War II in combat as sentries, scouts and messengers. And during the liberation of Guam, 25 Marine dogs suffered death. Battle in Okinawa was one of the bloodiest clashes America ever has and Doberman was seen in some of the footage in the archives.

The United Doberman Club made a bronze memorial statue for the dog that was raised in Guam in 1994 – the memorial was given the name “Always Faithful.” The were also a big part in the search and rescue operation for survivors and dead bodies at Ground Zero in 2001 during the World Trade Center bombing.

Despite its frightening reputation, Doberman still managed to be in the 14th rank in AKC’s registrations which used to be 23rd a decade ago. This popularity is because of its love and devotion for its family.

The most Famous Dobermans

Big Dog | February 23rd, 2011


One of the most famous appearance of the Doebrman Pinscher was in the series Magnum, when two dogs of this breed played in almost each episode of this show. Their names are Apollo and Zeus who lived on a great estate with their owner, Robin Masters, on an island called Oahu. They task was to patrol the area and to defend it against intruders. The lead character, Magnum was a live-in security guard on this island and for his dispair, the dogs were always chasing him on the command of Higgins (John Hillerman), a British servant of the owner of the island. Later in the show, the dogs even became close ’pals’ of Magnum (Tom Selleck).

With the help of this show, we are able to recognise how brave and fearless are these dogs when it comes to defending their beloved owner – if well trained, only on command.

Do you know any other famous Doberman Pinscher dogs? Post a comment with your story!

Doberman chasing laser pointer

Big Dog | October 29th, 2010

Is a Doberman a good choice for me?

Big Dog | October 25th, 2010

I would say yes, if you would like to have a very devoted companion by your side that can even protect you in danger. Dobermans can be excellent guard dogs as well as they are fearless and suspicious with all strangers who may harm their beloved family. Early socialization is required for them; otherwise they may not get on well with other dogs. Only older children are advised around this breed.

The coat of the Doberman is short, coarse and thick; they are average shedders, so at least weekly brushing is advised. Dental hygiene is very important for the breed, as they tend to lose teeth in case of improper care. Dobermans are slightly prone to health issues like hip dysplasia, heart disorders or bloat.

Training of this breed is easy, but they can be dominant, so a heavy-handed, yet consistent, calm and rewarding trainer is the best for them. Obedience training is a must to prevent the dog from being aggressive later. They can be also very good in tracking, police work or therapy dogs.

All in all I would advise this breed to people who will have enough time to care for this intelligent dog and will be able to provide them daily exercise – like walking and playing – as well as a small yard for activities.

I hope that this short introduction about the Doberman will be helpful for you to decide whether this is the right breed for you.

Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy

Big Dog | September 29th, 2010

If you are a dog owner, you probably remember the time you bought your first puppy. It is not easy to forget all the thinking, research, weighing pros and cons and the inevitable fear of not making the right decision when you buy a puppy.

If you are about to buy a puppy you are probably in the middle of this process and are reading an article that may save you a lot of hassle.

When it comes to making decisions that will effect our lives for more than a decade, we sometimes find that we just simply don’t have the intellectual capacity to consider every single factor that will influence the outcome. It is the same when buying a puppy.

Factors To Consider When Picking Your Perfect Puppy” does a great job at pointing out the most important aspects of making such a long term commitment. It is brief, easy to understand, gives you all the essentials in a nutshell and it is free to download and share.

Read this if you are about to buy a dog

Big Dog | September 13th, 2010

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Tail docking…

Big Dog | September 9th, 2010

Most people consider it obvious that a Doberman’s tail should be docked… but why? What is this tradition? Is it really useful or only a useless pain for the puppy?

Originally, their tails were docked to prevent injuries of this working dog. Tails can get easily broken or hurt – either by chance or by people on purpose… so the purpose to have it docked was to ‘protect’ the dog from injuries. As the docking itself happen within 48 hours after birth, the pups normally don’t suffer pain or shock.

On the other hand, there are some people who think it is totally useless to dock the tail and that it is not biologically acceptable to “take a part of the dog’s body away”, practically for fashion and tradition. Some people also believe that the tail does have its functions, helping the balance, for example.

All in all, if you wish to have a long-tailed Doberman pup, you should talk with the breeder in advance, before the pups are born. If you have doubts how a Doberman looks like without having the tail docked and ears cropped, here is an example.